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ProjectTalk Features and Benefits

ProjectTalk is a project management hub designed to meet the demands of the architectural, engineering, and construction industry (AEC). Construction professionals can now build and manage their projects over the Internet by accessing powerful, full-featured Prolog applications on a convenient, subscription basis.

Prolog is recognized as the AEC industry's most comprehensive project management solution with more than 100,000 users worldwide. Through ProjectTalk, Prolog is available as an Internet subscription service. For building professionals who do not wish to purchase software and manage IT infrastructure, they can have the same tools, data, service, and rich functionality in one destination site.

For architects, engineers, owners, sub-contractors, and small to mid-sized general contractors, ProjectTalk is the high-tech, functionality-rich, low overhead solution to your project management needs.

Key Features of ProjectTalk

  • Multi-Site, Multi-Project Control
  • User Friendly Project News
  • Personal Action Item Management
  • Online Project Collaboration
  • Project Document Management
  • Field Administration
  • Cost Control
  • Purchasing
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Powerful security for each feature, field, report, file and more.

The Subscriber’s Advantage

Instead of purchasing, deploying, and managing software applications internally, hosted software applications can offer many advantages. Hosted applications require less time and money to deploy, and are easier to support. They can be easily scaled to meet business growth and, best of all, your employees are freed to focus on your core business.

Benefits of Hosted Applications 

  • Faster application deployment
  • Lower initial investment
  • Scale applications as business grows
  • Access to expertise
  • Focus on core business
  • Centralized, up-to-date project information
  • Unified project team

Real Life Examples of Why Companies are Excited About ProjectTalk

Example #1 :

A Fortune 100 company completed an exhaustive search for a project control solution and Prolog was selected as the best solution - but they do not support Microsoft SQL Server in-house. ProjectTalk provides the ability to utilize the Prolog feature set through a standard browser without the need to manage data servers.

Example #2 :

A Fortune 500 corporation selects Prolog as the best project control solution on the market, but it takes months for their IT Department to approve software purchases. ProjectTalk enables the company to easily utilize Prolog without involving IT as a prerequisite.

Example #3 :

An ENR top 20 General Contractor selected Prolog as the best solution, but their IT Department prefers not to manage mission critical applications if hosted solutions are available. ProjectTalk enables them to accomplish the IT department goals without sacrificing their functional objectives.

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