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Collaboration Management Membership

With Prolog as the foundation of this web based project management solution, the Collaboration Management Membership will connect every player on the project team in real time. A collaboration Membership will eliminate typical communication problems between your project teams by using Collaboration's robust workflow process and by sharing design drawings, jobsite photos, project schedules and over 400 reports - all through an Internet browser.

Collaboration Management Membership Features

Document Management
Team Communication
Field Administration
Reports & Queries


Document Management

The Document Management module can be used to track office-related jobsite work and facilitate communication with jobsite staff. With Collaboration membership you can:

  • Improve design review by posting CAD files
  • Organize project documents into customized folders
  • Improve awareness of milestones by posting project schedules
  • Exert greater quality control through electronic control of drawings
  • Find project team contact phone numbers quickly or e-mail directly from website
  • Reduce site visits - use innovative 360 degree photography to see entire project


Team Communication

Within the collaborative environment, construction professionals can post schedules, meeting minutes, and other data online to share with other members of the project team. With Collaboration membership you can:

  • Improve decision making by allowing access to meeting minutes from anywhere with a computer and internet browser
  • Reduce response times and positively impact the project schedule
  • Proactively list all required submittals
  • Maintain a paper trail on submittals and reduce response times
  • Reduce punch list resolution time


Field Administration

Use the Field Administration module to document the weather conditions and other daily details, and link files and digital photos to enhance your journal entries. At the end of the day, this information can be used to generate daily construction reports, maintain a daily work journal and record daily details and events. Use the Field Administration module to:

  • Maintain tracking information for historical record
  • Save time by allowing trade contractors to enter their own daily work journals entries


Reports & Queries

Report Manager and Query Manager enable you to create, customize and generate reports and queries. A report searches your multi-project database for records that match a specified set of criteria, and then displays that information in an organized, printable format. You can use queries to search the depths of the multi-project database for project records that meet your criteria.

  • Includes over 400 standard reports which can be used to report in your multi-project database
  • Includes over 40 ready to-use queries which can used to mine information in your multi-project database
  • Create ad hoc queries with little or no training with Query Builder
  • Report and Query across multiple projects
  • Manage and organize Reports and Queries into logical groups
  • Secure Reports and Queries so they may be used by users with appropriate access
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