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Project Management Membership

With Prolog as the foundation of this web based project management solution, the Project Management Membership will handle all of your project control requirements by automating everyday management functions and tracking your project from design to close out.

Project Management Membership Features

Purchasing Control
Cost Control
Document Management
Field Management
Reports & Queries


Purchasing Control

With Project Management membership you can manage and track all of the activities that need to be completed before you submit a bid for a project or before you actually award a contract to a subcontractor or a vendor. You can use the Purchasing module to:

  • Manage pre-bid scopes; track addenda for all bid packages affected
  • Improve record keeping by tracking detailed information, including qualifications, certifications and contract history
  • Eliminate double entry in procurement and contract management
  • Analyze all bidders using one easy-to-use matrix
  • Manage buyout more efficiently by tracking all scopes of work as bid packages
  • Group buyout items into logical groups or systems for cost analysis
  • Eliminate scope errors by tracking all items to procure for each project
  • Log all contract attachments that bidders are responsible to acknowledge
  • Increase choice of bidders by searching for companies that meet your qualifications
  • Facilitate communication with bidders; send invitations to bid and requests for quotes.


Cost Control

Using the Cost Control module you can track the project budget and the project costs. You can create records for all of the contracts, purchase orders and invoices and track potential changes and actual change orders for prime contracts and subcontracts. Use the Cost Control module to:

  • Save time by generating requisitions from invoices and change orders
  • Manage budgets, commitments, costs and savings/overruns
  • Identify exposure, trends and budget transfers
  • Update budget instantly by recording executed changes
  • Reduce change order cycle
  • Write contracts faster by using the integrated word processor
  • Run reports by account or funding source to determine dollars spent from each source
  • Update the cost-to-date project budget automatically when recording invoices
  • Integrate change management directly into the budget
  • Write purchase orders faster; use material catalogue for quick PO generation


Document Management

The Document Management module can be used to track office-related jobsite work. This module helps provide a strong foundation of communication for jobsite staff. You can record meetings and conversations, log correspondence and track tasks that need to be completed. Use the Document Management module to:

  • Stay alert to critical items requiring follow-up
  • Track budgeted hours, quantities and dollars
  • Log and track revisions on all drawings and specifications
  • Stay on top of all issues and reduce risk by maintaining and audit trail
  • Track follow-up items
  • Create and issue and history to record all information related to specific issues
  • Reduce problem resolution time by sharing meeting information more quickly
  • Reduce response time and impact on project schedules
  • Improve submittal response times
  • Track required submittals to improve timelines
  • Save time by scheduling transmittals to be sent to printer or fax


Field Management

Use the Field Management module to manage daily jobsite activities such as tracking tasks and events completed by crews on the jobsite, tracking labor and equipment usage, recording visitors, and recording weather conditions at the jobsite. At the end of the day, this information can be used to generate daily construction reports, maintain a daily work journal and record daily details and events. Use the Field Management module to:

  • Manage closeout tasks to complete the project more quickly
  • Track staff hours and electronic time sheets
  • Record weather and general conditions for each project
  • Record daily construction activities
  • Track production and milestone events
  • Reduce risk of surprise changes (for authorized work)
  • Verify compliance with required inspections and tests
  • Document all deliveries and any associated inventory
  • Increase quality control on a project
  • Reduce time required to complete a punch list
  • Reduce safety violations and accidents through safety management


Reports & Queries

Report Manager and Query Manager enable you to create, customize and generate reports and queries. A report searches your multi-project database for records that match a specified set of criteria, and then displays that information in an organized, printable format. You can use queries to search the depths of the multi-project database for project records that meet your criteria.

  • Includes over 400 standard reports which can be used to report in your multi-project database
  • Includes over 40 ready to-use queries which can used to mine information in your multi-project database
  • Create ad hoc queries with little or no training with Query Builder
  • Report and Query across multiple projects
  • Manage and organize Reports and Queries into logical groups
  • Secure Reports and Queries so they may be used by users with appropriate access


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